Strategies for Dealing with Snow and Ice on NYC Sidewalks

In the winter season, after the snowfall, it becomes essential to maintain the roads and sidewalks so that pedestrians can safely move on them. Sidewalks with snow and ice on them can become extremely slippery, which causes falls and injuries among people.

As it is the responsibility of the property owners to maintain their sidewalks in winter and remove the ice and snow, we have come up with some strategies and recommendations for you. By following these strategies, you can keep your sidewalks safe and functional for everyone.

Snow Removal Equipment

The most important step is to invest in good snow removal equipment. Buying efficient equipment from reliable stores can help you remove the snow from your sidewalks in the most efficient way. You can also create a schedule to remove the snow from time to time. Your goal should be to remove the snow in a 28- to 48-hour time frame.


Another important thing that you can do is de-ice your sidewalks. De-icing is the process of melting the snow using rock salt and other ice melt products.

Drainage Maintenance

To avoid water accumulation, proper drainage is essential, especially in winter when the water freezes and forms ice. If you want to avoid the formation of ice on the sidewalks, you must keep the drainage system clear of debris and ensure proper water flow.

Protective Sealant

You can apply protective sealant to the sidewalks in winter, which can save them from the impact of freezing temperatures. You can ask professional sidewalk contractors in NYC for recommendations about the right sealant and apply it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Sidewalk Inspection

If you want to keep your sidewalks in their best condition, you must hire the services of professional sidewalk contractors. Experienced contractors inspect the sidewalks and give you their insight about the issues your sidewalk might be experiencing. By maintaining the sidewalks on time, you can make them safe for everyone to use.

Don’t Use harmful Chemicals

As mentioned above, de-icing is essential, but using harsh chemicals to do so can destroy the concrete on your sidewalks. Using harmful chemicals can have an adverse impact on the integrity of your sidewalks. Therefore, you must opt. For environmentally friendly de-icing products. You can also get recommendations from professional experts regarding the type of chemicals you should use.

Remove Icicles and Ice Dams

During the winter season, icicles form and hang from the roofs. If these icicles meet and fall, they can not only damage the concrete of your sidewalks but can also be dangerous for pedestrians. Similarly, the ice dams can form along the edges of the sidewalks and can cause trips and falls. Moreover, ice dams can also create problems with drainage. You can address these icicles and ice dams immediately and save your sidewalks from getting damaged.

Find Anti-Slip Solutions

You must prioritize the safety of the pedestrians using your sidewalks. Eden Sidewalk Contractors NYC suggests installing anti-slip solutions like mats or traction pads in areas where there are chances of potential trips and falls.

Bottom Line

Keeping your sidewalks free from snow and ice in the winter is essential to not only keeping your sidewalks in their optimum condition but also saving pedestrians from potential trips and falls. What you can do is follow the strategies mentioned above to efficiently remove the snow and ice. Moreover, you can also hire professional sidewalk repair and maintenance contractors for timely sidewalk inspections and maintenance services. Eden Sidewalk Contractors NYC is here to take care of all of your sidewalk-related needs. You can contact us and get your sidewalks fixed today.


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